Botox®  is utilized for signs of aging mostly on the face. It is most effective on active wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions where imperfections are eliminated. The treatment involves injecting a type of botulinum toxin into your facial muscles. The injections paralyze and relax the muscles, giving a younger-looking appearance



  • No  downtime 
  • Smooths fine lines 
  • Targets dynamic wrinkles
  • Relief from migraines
  • Prevents excessive sweating




Every 3 to 4 months 


Who needs it:

— If you see deep wrinkles whenever making facial expressions
— For someone looking to improve facial symmetry

— If you want to reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile” 

— If you’re looking to shrink or soften your jawline 


Generally, Botox® is approved for patients who are 18 years and older. But most advocates of preventative Botox® agree that a woman in her early 30s is the ideal candidate for it.  


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