About Us

About Us

K. Stewart Beauty and Wellness is an IV therapy and lifestyle medical spa located in the heart of Harbor East, Baltimore. Our mission is to bridge the gap in beauty and wellness to enhance the total you. If you are coming to us as a client, prepare to experience the utmost quality service from the moment you enter our spa to the moment you leave. Our trained and knowledgeable staff will make every effort to accommodate your aesthetic concerns. Our seasoned medical providers have over 15 years of professional experience. We take pride in offering the most sophisticated technology on the market that safely and effectively treats all skin types. Not only have we taken traditional medical treatments and given them a modern twist, but most of all we have built our credibility on being a result driven skin care home.

At K. Stewart Beauty & Wellness, we recognize that every guest is unique. And although we have a treatment menu from which to choose, a simple conversation with your provider, pinpointing your needs and preferences, allows your treatment to be tailored for the most beneficial and relaxing experience. We are dedicated to artful beauty services that enhance your look from the inside out. For more information about our services, contact K. Stewart Beauty and Wellness today at 443-693-1695!









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